HERE ARE 10 of our favoUrite wedding day tips

When sending out your Invitations, perhaps ask Guests what Songs make then dance and when the RSVP, use that information to help you compile your Playlist for your Band or DJ

Create your own Wedding Hashtag # by using your names or surname such as #jacksonwedding and when your guests upload images to social media, they can all Tag you in their photos of your Wedding Day

Be sure to take your Bouquet out of the Vase an hour or so before the Ceremony so the stems can dry out a little and it doesn’t wet the front of your Dress

Be sure to hold the Bouquet at the lowest point on your Body or it will look rubbish, so just remember is it Hips NOT Tits 😊

Treat yourself to an Expensive New Perfume for Your Wedding as it’s a great way to capture the day’s memories. Everytime you wear or smell the Fragrance afterwards it will take you instantly back to that Special Day

Get your Engagement Ring professionally cleaned a week or two before your Wedding Day. Move your Engagement Ring to the other hand at least 2 hours before your Ceremony

Be ready 1 hour before your Wedding Ceremony… do not leave it until the last minute

Take just a moment when sat at your Top Table to simply observe your Family & Friends. It might just be your favourite part of the day

Facts show that your Guests remember two things the most from Weddings which are the Food and the Music. Send them home with Good Everlasting Memories

It’s Your Wedding, not theirs… Be kind, but don’t try to please everyone… you never will